Left Banner Picture for MalibuSparkle, Glamour/Promotional Model.

My Stats

Stage Name:
Malibu Sparkle
Will Travel:
26in (66cm)
Real Name:
Lynsey Phillips
Swansea, South Wales
Please email to request.
Dark Brown
34in (86cm)


Personal profile
I consider myself to be a courteous, respectful and friendly person. I can work and communicate well with others, I am helpful and always willing to co-operate. I am also very punctual and have an excellent attendance record. I am enthusiastic about any task at hand and motivated to work. When I am around a camera I feel alive as I feel it brings out the inner me and allows me to be myself. I am an enthusiastic worker and never let a bit or hard work stand in my way, as you get a better result for the harder you work. I'm a very bubbly and outgoing person which shows in my photo's and the way I work. A lot of Photographers say I am a very keen and enthusiastic person when it comes to my modelling as I am willing to reach all/any goals in which come my way for me to make it in this industry.

Employment / Work Experience
Experience: Advanced

Work Levels
I work up to nude- I DO NOT DO adult work!

Photographers worked with:
Group shoot with consisted of 4 photographers, on the same day they been:
Gamlamman, Gazl, Garth, and Mike James in April 07
C_rage June 2008 x (2)
C_rage - 10th july 2008
Janny Kulah Nov 2008
Tee J Stanyon July 2009
Mark Barnfield Oct 2009
Harry Psefudious(Syndication) Nov 2009
Joby Rawlins Mar 2010

Test shoots / Castings:
Paid work for Majorca with George Richardson May 09
Alan Strutt Sept 09
C.J Images for magazine submission Oct 2009
Marbella Glamour Shoot Oct 2009
Test shoot with Alison Webster (Page 3) Nov 2009
Casting for the Max Power 2010 Squad Jan 2010

Promotional Work
Worked at MCN bike show March 08 (Posing for photos, interacting with the public- LPV Agency)
Grid girl for Thundersport GB at Pembrey race track Apr 09 (Posing for photos, working on the grid, interacting with the public- Kerri Parker Academy)
Promotional Girl at U2 concert at Millenuim Staduim Cardiff (Approaching the people at the event handing out leaflets- Phil @ Supermodels)
Promotional work for Lambert & Butler Jan 2010 (Selling tobacco products at a corner shop and around the pubs, I also had to data capture postcode, ages etc- Kreate Agency)
Grid girl for Thundersport GB at Pembrey race track Apr 09
Promotional Girl at U2 concert at Millenuim Staduim Cardiff
Promotional work for L'Oreal Youth Code Mar 2010 (Approaching the public, making them aware of the product, testing it on their hands and trying to sell the product- Mitchell Stephenson Agency)
Promotional work for Garnier Mineral Deodorant March 2010 (Approaching the public, making them aware of the new product and letting them smell the different fragrances- Mitchell Stephenson Agency)
Promotional work for WKD Core April 2010 (Going around the pubs/clubs making people aware of the new WKD apple core, letting them sample a glass and then giving away bands for them to buy one and get another free- Bubble LTD Agency)
Promotional work for game machines Tabbox around Pubs/Clubs Apr 2010 (Going around the pubs/clubs making people aware of the new game machine that was invented in Texas with the man himself that invented it, and showing them how to play it- ExpoStars Agency)
Promotional/Sampling work for Fanta Apr 2010 ( Out on the Streets in Cardiff as a hit squad with small cans of fanta and getting the message across to the public as to get the Friday feeling with Fanta- Kreate Agency)
Promotional/Sales work for Amber Leaf Tobacco May 2010( Going around pubs/clubs selling Tobacco products using a PDA to data capture- TRO Agency)
Promotional work for Mayfair Cigarettes May 2010( Going around pubs/clubs selling Tobacco products using a PDA to data capture-TRO Agency)
Leafleting work for Optical Express May 2010 ( Approaching members of the public, making them aware of the new store opening and also giving them leaflets for a free eye test- Beautiful Minds Promotions Agency)
Promotional/Sampling work for Nescafe Green Blend Coffee May 2010 (Out on the streets of Cardiff as a hit squad handing out samples of the new Coffee and making them aware of product knowledge, and explaining what was contained in the coffee etc- ID Experimental Agency)
Promotional/Demonstarting work for Max Factor colour effect make up June 2010(In a boots store, approaching customers and making them aware of the new products, and then giving them an idea of what they look like on the skin etc..- Powergirls Agency)
Promotional/Sales work for Pringles (World Cup Edition) June 2010 (In a local Booker store making members of the public aware of the offer on pringles- Contact Field Marketing Agency)
Promotional/Sales work for Nivea for Men Products June 2010( In a Tesco store approaching men aware of the new Nivea products available for them and then sending them away with samples- Lime Agency)
Promotional/Sampling work for Smirnoff flavours July 2010( I was Team Leader on this project, and i had to give 4 bars in Cardiff a benefit call to set all POS, make them aware of what was going to happen during the event, and show them the perfect save prior to the visit, Then on the night, myself and a BA went to the 4 bars giving samples of the Smirnoff flavours out-Reach)
Promotional/Sampling/Costume work for Haribo (At the entrance of a Tesco store handing out samples of Haribo, interacting with the customers, giving them product knowledge, and then i dress up as the bear to interact with the children and had photos done etc- PeoplePeople Agency)
Promotional work/Flyering work for the Sanctuary Spa (Bristol) (Interacting with the public and making them aware of the new spa that was newly opened) Nov 2010
Promotional work/Handing out Goody bags to children at the Liberty Staduim for a Swansea Football Match Dec 2010

Bedroom Babes Competition in 'Nuts' Magazine May 2007.
'Zoo' Magazine First timers Sept 2008.
Bedroom Babes Competition in 'Nuts' Magazine Nov 08
Local Paper for competiton January
Bedroom Babes Competition Aug 09'
Sarah Jane's Stunners on Daily Sport
Hot Chick of the Day on 93x.com (Minneapolis Radio) Nov 2009
Published in "Love it" Magazine Dec 2009
Published in Fast Car Magazine for the Miss Fast Car 2010 February 2010

Modelling Agencies that I’m signed with
Supermodels Agency
Muse Management UK

Interests and Hobbies
I am a very outgoing person and enjoy spending time with my friends and going out. Modelling is a big part of my life and being in front of the camera brings out the naughty side of me and helps me feel good about myself from the results I get. I enjoy keeping fit by attending my local gym regularly, and several keep fit classes including yoga and boxersize. I like to go swimming when I have a bit of free time as I feel it relaxes me and allows me to have me time. I like to keep up with fashion trends and have a lot of sexy underwear garments that I buy especially to model.

How would my friends describe me?
I am a very helpful and loving person, I'm fun to be around and can also can be very bubbly and outgoing at times. I'm your average girl next door; sweet and innocent but I have my wicked side which comes out when the camera's around. My friends are constantly complimenting me for the way I dress and how my appearance is all the time, as it's the typical glamour girl look.